21 February 2013

Our NEW mailer – The Artworks 2013/2014 Wall Calendar!

Posted in: Special projects

We’re very excited to unveil our much anticipated new mailer ‘The Artworks 2013 and 2014 wall calendar’! This is a unique two sided A2 calendar with every one of the twelve branches on each tree illustrated by a different one of our artists, representing the different months of the year. If you commission illustration you should receive your own copy in the post very soon. However, if you haven’t received one in around a week’s time please get in touch with us and we will send you a copy. If you’d like more examples of a particular artists work do let us know and we can email some over to you. We are also happy to pop in and see you to show you the work first hand. We hope you enjoy your calendar from The Artworks. The idea behind it was to create an image that combined all of our illustrators in one place, but also worked together as a whole composition. Our new Startworks artist, Stacey Knights played a fundamental role in the design – creating the basis of the tree, the canopy of leaves as well as all of the month names and dates, and the design of the floating leaves across the outside of the envelope.   We then chopped up the tree and sent out a section to each artist to illustrate. You can see how the tree started out at the bottom of this post…