25 July 2016

A great review of 'The Raven' in The Bookseller

Posted in: Artists, Children's books, Special projects

It is always so wonderful to hear people sing the praise of our artists. Recently the Bookseller featured a glowing review of Chris Wormell and David Pelham’s pop up book ‘The Raven’. Pelham is a highly esteemed book designer who initiated the project and colluded with Chris to do the illustrations, Pelham “knew… that with Chris on board, it could become very special”. Pelham was drawn to Chris’ “magnificent, strong and assured drawings of such confidence and brilliance”. The Bookseller describes ‘The Raven’ as “a quaint and curious volume’ which we 100% agree with! The Raven will be out on 9th August and has been published by Abrams.