9 August 2016

Chris Wormell’s WW1 stamps for Jersey Post out now!

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Chris Wormell has created some brilliant stamps showcasing scenes from WW1 for the Jersey Post.

Chris says he has “always been both horrified and fascinated by the First World War. It’s something I’m drawn to, but have always felt it too big – too important, a subject to presume that I could ever add anything to what others – great artists and poets, who actually experienced the First World War – had already done and said.  But then if one is commissioned by some one to do something on the First World War… well, that’s different!

Jersey post were a great client to work with.  Chris Elligot gave me a full and extensive brief but left the imagery largely up to me. All images were approved without changes.  Great job.  Perfect client.”

The final collection of stamps are beautiful and sensitive, without glorifying what was without a doubt a terrible war.