11 October 2018

The Glyndebourne commissions Katie Ponder to illustrate an image for their new opera, Agreed

Posted in: Artists, Awards, Special projects

Katie Ponder was the winner of the Glyndebourne art prize in 2017 and her work was featured on the front cover of their tour programme. This year Katie has been commissioned by Glyndebourne to illustrate an image to be used across their social media channels and as a poster to promote a brand new opera Agreed.

Agreed tells a story of countries at war, forbidden love, borders and families being torn apart. Using ominous dark colours and heavy textures, Katie’s illustration depicts the main character looking out to the sea and the border which separates her from the ships full of the exiled immigrants and her love.

Agreed is showing at the Glyndebourne theatre, East Sussex from March 2019.