20 March 2019

Sam Fred Hinton's recent work is inspired by the ocean and the impact of everyday waste

Posted in: Artists, Editorial, New illustrator, Special projects

Sam Fred Hinton has been creating some wonderful work recently which lends itself more towards editorial and textual work.  We took a moment to ask him a few questions about his working process and what inspires him.

“I take inspiration from everyday life and my own surreal imagination. I’ll constantly write an idea down and then refer to this once I’m back at my desk. I very much believe in taking note of any momentary thought. Why discard them when you don’t know their full potential yet! My most recent work is to do with ocean waste, inspired by the coast I live by and the constant flurry of waste that washes ashore every day.

Doing more editorial focused work has been a nice change of pace for me, I love to keep things playful and experimental. I try to take a topic, flip it on its head and shake it until all the contents have come out. Often playing around with character interaction and objects until something sticks!”

Sam is one of our Startworks artists (new graduates that we help to support and mentor each year) and it is a joy to see his work developing.