4 June 2019

D&AD Shortlist for Kate Forrester

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We are incredibly proud of Kate Forrester who has been shortlisted for a D&AD award for her work on the collaborative project Let’s Talk.

Kate worked on the project with photographer Charlie Clift, who was interested in raising awareness of mental health. The campaign’s aim was to break down the social stigma surrounding mental health and stimulate conversation. When Charlie contacted Kate to work on Let’s Talk she said that she ‘jumped at the chance to work with him on such an interesting project for such a good cause’.

Kate visualised people’s most difficult, innermost thoughts by creating intricate lettering on their faces using white liquid eyeliner and face paint, Charlie then shot stunning portraits of these subjects. The work was created spontaneously – as Kate only met the subjects on the day of the shoot – but instead of being daunted by the quick turn-around, Kate said she found the experience ‘liberating’. Despite the potentially awkward and intimate act of drawing on someone’s face, Kate said that it never was and that she found these interactions ‘inspirational’ and that ‘it was surprisingly joyful, despite the intense subject matter’.

Well done Kate and Charlie – we love the work and are so inspired by your positive message!

See more about Let’s Talk here: https://www.letstalkcampaign.com 

Photo Credit: Charlie Clift