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20th August 2019

Magical Storytelling by Chris Wormell

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Magical Storytelling by Chris Wormell

We are very excited to announce the publication week of The Magic Place – a children’s book written and illustrated by Chris Wormell. Chris has created many stunning illustrations whilst being represented by Artworks, and it is wonderful to see him illustrating his own book.

The Magic Place tells the story of Clementine and her struggle to escape the Great Black City to the natural sanctuary of the Magic Place… It is based in an otherworldly Victorian era, and Chris’ gothic illustrations magnificently emulate the ethereal, fairytale story. Drawing on the importance of connecting to nature, Chris aims to inspire children to feel empowered to change the environmental future of our world!

Chris’ creative process involved writing the story, whilst also drawing rough sketches throughout the text – this was helpful for planning the word-image relationship in the book. He exclaimed that he really enjoyed the creative freedom of illustrating his own writing, and spent several months hand-drawing the final pen illustrations that feature in the book.

The Magic Place is published on the 22nd of August 2019 by David Fickling Books.

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