22 October 2019

Lucy Rose adds her illustrative charm to new book: Au Coeur de la Foret

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In her latest instalment of beautifully drawn books, Lucy Rose has added her illustrative charm to Au Coeur de la Foret, an anthology of short stories all with a ‘tree theme’ written by various young French authors.

Lucy was commissioned by Auzou Publishing in France to illustrate the cover for the new fiction children’s book Au Cœur de la Forêt. “The brief started with back and forth rough initial sketches and when everyone was happy with the composition, I moved to creating colour illustrations. The final artworks were then created by drawing out everything first and then adding lots of colour and texture digitally.”  Lucy said she wanted to create a cover “that drew you in”, spending time focusing on how she could create depth within the piece.

Colours were incredibly important within this project, with Lucy telling us “most of the amends that were needed were to do with colouring; it needed to be bright and enticing but also attract a wide audience. I think that was the most challenging part of the project as you have to make sure all the colours work well together!” When asked what the most enjoyable part of the project was, Lucy told us it was simply designing the cover and coming up with the composition “it was great as I had a lot of creative freedom with the brief.”

Just when you thought you couldn’t love this project more, with each sale of the book, money is donated to UP2Green, an organisation helping to prevent deforestation.

Au Coeur de la Foret is available to buy online now!