28 October 2019

Get lost in Lucy Rose’s Animal Atlas for Lonely Planet Kids

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In our latest book delivery day, we were incredibly excited to receive a copy of Animal Atlas by Lonely Planet Kids and Anne Rooney, Illustrated by our hugely talented Lucy Rose!

Lucy was commissioned by Lonely Planet Kids to illustrate the enchanting and educational children’s book: Animal Atlas, a book that explores the Animation Kingdom from every corner of the earth through illustrations and photographs. When approaching this massive brief, Lucy told us she decided to tackle it by “doing each continent at a time, so Initial sketches were created and when everything was agreed, I would create the final colours, each continent at a time.”

There were some challenges along the way, with Lucy saying that the most challenging part of this project was “trying to make sure all the animals were depicted as accurately as possible due to it being an educational book. It was also vital I had good time management as I had to make sure the big amount of illustrations were created in time for the deadlines.”

Despite some difficulties Lucy said “it was a really fun project to work on and only being my second illustrated book for children, it gave me brilliant experience in this sector of illustration!”

We think Lucy ‘rose’ to the challenge amazingly and can’t wait to see her next children’s book!

Animal Atlas is available to buy now.