4 February 2020

Hannah Bailey lends her Illustrative hand to Watergate Bay Magazine

Posted in: Artworks news, Editorial

Hannah Bailey’s most recent Illustrations can now be found on the pages of Watergate Bay’s luxury Magazine, accompanying an article on the use of Botanicals in spirits by award-winning journalist Alice Lascelles.

We spoke to Hannah to learn more about the project…

“The brief was to create two colourful full-page illustrations to accompany an article about the use of botanicals in spirits, in history and present day, by Alice Lascelles. The challenge was to make the vermouth glass and the gin glass different enough tonally and texturally to hold their own! I wanted the vermouth glass to have a hot, Meditarranean feel, overflowing with a tumbling pile of fruits and spices; wormwood, cape gooseberries, and figs to suggest a rich and bountiful harvest. In contrast, the gin glass was to be cool and fresh, with blues and lilacs Cornish landscape framed with juniper and elderflower, familiar British hedgerow plants.”

Hannah’s work often lands on the subject matter of Nature, but with such an expansive theme, Hannah often has to limit her Illustrations to one or two animals, places or plants. This project enabled Hannah to create a whole world of nature illustrations… as long as it could all fit in one (illustrated) glass!

“I really liked the idea of creating a landscape and filling it to the brim with growing things and greenery, fruits and botanicals – whilst keeping it contained in the silhouette of the glass. As a maximalist at heart it was good to have boundaries to work within on the page, as I usually go with the motto that more is more! It worked really well and I hope I can bring that forward into new work.”

You can pick up a copy of Watergate Bay Magazine from The Watergate Bay Hotel.