10 March 2020

Tasty editorial illustrations for Tapas Magazine by Jesús Sotés.

Posted in: Artists, Editorial, Painting

Tapas Magazine is one of the most relevant publications about gastronomy, so it’s no mean feat that this is the second time Jesús Sotés has been asked to create artwork to accompany an article about the concept of culinary luxury that we live with currently, emphasising natural and seasonal products as well as simple, authentic food.

Jesús carries that authentic approach into the way he created the images;

” This work was handmade and this is always a challenge. There is no “delete key” when you are working with your hands, on the other hand, hand made work is so rewarding.”

It’s Jesús’s history of handmade work that helped land this commission, with the Art Director already being familiar with his painterly style through his previous impressive image for Tapas.

We think you’ll agree that based on these illustrations, we’re hungry to see what Jesús does next.