29 April 2020

Dalia Adilon put's a Vic puzzle together for Londji

Posted in: Artists, Design, Illustration, Toys

Dalia Adilon has been busy working on a puzzle for Barcelona based puzzle and games specialists Londji, featuring an image that encapsulates the small town of Vic (coincidentally where Dalia was born, handy!).

Capturing the feel of the town came down to representing its customs, traditions and its regional specific context; there are characters in traditional dress, hot air balloons, a mountainous skyline and a bustling marketplace! The project was suggested by the owner of the Vic toy shop ‘Gargamel Joguines’, giving the whole project a sense of locality.

Dalia explains that when putting the puzzle together she had to make specific choices with the amount of elements, to help with the puzzles difficulty;

I had to add many elements to the illustration, so that the puzzle didn’t have many pieces of the same colour and the illustration helped build the puzzle with fun!”

But this in itself was an enjoyable aspect of the project, Dalia liked, “… to look for the references of the most characteristic buildings and elements and then draw them adapting them to my illustration world!

Hopefully we can get our hands on this puzzle soon and spend a few hours getting lost in Dalia’s illustrated Vic!