13 May 2020

Mary Woodin captures the healthy glow of good fruit for KeVita

Posted in: Artists, Branding, Design, Food, Nature, Packaging

Mary Woodin has contributed illustrations to revamp KeVita; who produce an extensive range of probiotic drinks, drinking vinegars and kombucha in a variety of fruity flavours.

According to Mary, the timing of the project couldn’t have been more spot on;

“I’d recently started brewing my own murky manifestations of kombucha at home, so was genuinely interested in their ethos.”

Getting some real life reference helped Mary achieve her goal to depict “the fresh, health enhancing character of each fruit.” Picking fruits from her own garden when possible, Mary loved getting absorbed in trying to capture the textures and colours of each different piece of fruit.

Throughout the project, Mary was mindful of the detailed overview of the typical KeVita customer “who is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and believes in the physical and emotional effect of their diet on their wellbeing.” Mary’s depictions of the fruit contained within each drink almost glow in their vibrancy, inviting anyone to take part in the the potential health benefits and good feelings associated with a healthy diet!