26 May 2020

Lizzie King collaborates with Sandra Lott for Submit to Love Studios

Posted in: Artists, Collaboration, Design, Fashion, Illustration, Special projects

Lizzie King has collaborated with Submit to Love Studios; a home to a collective of self-taught artists who have survived brain injuries, on a t-shirt design that raises money for brain injury survivors across East London. Partnered with Sandra Lott, Lizzie immediately clicked with the bright colours and characters that populate Sandra’s work.

Working over Zoom, Lizzie and Sandra discussed their work to see what common threads and interests they had, eventually settling on swimming and the sea.

” I was sent lots of Sandra’s drawings and a video where she talks about having a swimming pool one day. I particularly loved a drawing called ‘Cafe de Floris’ so I used that as the starting point and created a paradise swimming pool where you can float about on a lilo & have a cup of tea with your friends. “

The conversations between the two artists lead to the addition of a handrail to the pool, as Sandra has found it harder to swim since her injury.

While Lizzie was worried that collaborating in this new, socially distant form would prove difficult, hers and Sandra’s shared interests and instant rapport quickly smoothed into an easygoing and fun working relationship. The project was welcome one in this period of lockdown, giving Lizzie something creative and colourful to focus on; using her iPad, Lizzie would arrange and cut Sandra’s drawings and place them onto her illustrated background.

The resultant t-shirt is a vibrant pastel swimming pool that brilliantly reflects the work and strengths of both artists while working perfectly as a collaborative piece;

“I usually work on my own so it was really refreshing to work with Sandra and her amazing drawings. I can’t wait until we can meet up in person & wear our t-shirts!”

To purchase the t-shirt and help raise money for survivors of brain injuries in East London, please go here.

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