13 August 2020

Daniel Long recreates a wave of protest for the cover The Fabian Review

Posted in: Editorial, Illustration

Daniel Long was commissioned by The Fabian Review to create the cover and lead illustration for their summer 2020 issue, highlighting specific issues raised by recent protests around the world regarding the coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter.

Using real life reference imagery, Daniel focused on trying to create the right feel and environment in which to depict the protests, not wanting to misrepresent any elements. Building a sea of people out of vector shapes, Daniel’s illustration features prominent use of the signs people bring to protests, putting the messages up front with the inside illustration continuing this same thread, focusing on the messaging and the feelings behind the protests.

Pleased with the outcome, Daniel said that he “really enjoyed creating an illustration so full of people, which isn’t something I usually get to illustrate”. After seeing this great cover though, we’d certainly like to see him do more!