16 October 2020

Daniela Terrazzini illustrates Where Snow Angels Go; Maggie O'Farrell's first children's book!

Posted in: Children's books, Illustration, Publishing

Daniela Terrazzini has illustrated acclaimed novelist Maggie O’Farrell’s first children’s book, Where Snow Angels Go; an incredible collaboration between two exceptional artists. Daniela’s dreamy illustrations are perfectly partnered with the modern fairytale’s exploration of the fragility of life and the places we find strength.

Approached by Walker Books, Daniela approached the subject of “guardian angels” with some apprehension due to distancing herself from her religious upbringing. However upon reading the story Daniela discovered the angel in the story is one that is accessible to all, so long it’s snowing, of course.

Wanting to mirror the light touch that Maggie uses with her words to relay a darker subject, Daniela’s fragile pencil lines and watercolour washes bring the ethereal nature of the angel to the foreground, while creating a perfect winter atmosphere. Wanting the characters to be as relatable as possible, Daniela made sure to use real life inspiration;

“I asked a friend’s daughter Edith if she would be my inspiration for Sylvie. I felt something about Edith made her just right. So I was lucky to have my personal team of life models in her and her family too.”

A perfect heart-warming story this winter that feel truly apt for the times we’re living through, Where Snow Angels Go is out November 5th through Walker Books.