23 October 2020

Harry Goldhawk makes magic for the cover of The Crow Folk!

Posted in: Illustration, Publishing

Harry Goldhawk was asked to illustrate the cover for Mark Stay’s new novel The Crow Folk, creating a cover that conveys the magic present within the story, through colour choices as opposed to drawing any magical elements.

Commissioned by Simon & Schuster and art directed by Matthew Johnson, Harry went through a few rounds off roughs before going back to the drawing  board and starting from scratch with another composition;

“As the book is for an adult audience Simon & Schuster thought the cover looked a little too young. This was for the best though, as I’m thrilled with the composition we landed on.”

Harry was keen to get out of his comfort zone and use a completely different palette for this project, creating the artwork on Procreate, deep reds bleed into softer oranges, drawing your attention to the village in the centre being encroached upon by ominous crows. The perfect book to pre-order for Halloween!