20 November 2020

Jesús Sotés has a lot of love for dogs and cats in his latest illustration for 1LOVE4ANIMALS!

Posted in: Advertising, Branding, Design, Illustration

Jesús Sotés has provided an illustration for the latest campaign by 1LOVE4ANIMALs; an NGO that dedicates itself to rescuing, taking care of and re-homing vulnerable dogs and cats. After working on a previous campaign, Jesús was happy to hear from Bill; one of the founders of 1LOVE4ANIMALS, exchanging e-mails to get a sense of what exactly, they wanted to convey through Jesús’s illustration;

“He trusts me and my work and leaves me a lot of creative freedom. We’re both art and animal lovers, so are pretty in tune with one another!”

Approaching ever new brief as a challenge to himself, Jesús has created a folk-tinged image, featuring rural characters in flannel surrounded by different breeds of dogs and cats (as well as some nosy deer), capturing the satisfying work done by the volunteers at the organisation. Reflecting on his process, Jesús did cut himself some slack with this project, “My normal way of working is with a mouse, and it’s a crazy way to work when you think about it. So in this case, I decided to help myself a bit and use a graphics tablet certain parts fo the image. I’ve been thinking a lot about the sense of my process lately…”

Overall, Jesús was incredibly pleased with the image and was glad that he was able to give a good amount of time to a cause he really values;

“It’s a massive pleasure to see the work has been made to the best of one’s abilities. If I have the time, giving the best of me is the thing I enjoy the most.”