5 January 2021

Sarah McMenemy illustrates the hot spots of Leonard Street for Grand Rapids Magazine.

Posted in: Editorial, Illustration, Painting

Sarah McMenemy has illustrated a map of an area in Grand Rapids west side, for the Michigan city’s magazine. Commissioned through our US sister agency Mendola, Sarah was asked to focus on a particular street in an area known for its nightlife, Leonard Street; with its interesting selection of bars, restaurants and micro-breweries as well as a long established bicycle shop.

After researching the locations and businesses, Sarah decided to depict them using their distinctive logos. Cracking open a new tube of Windsor Green gouache (always a treat for Sarah) for the background colour, she incorporated the colours found in the logo’s into her overall composition, collaging small elements for texture and impact;

“It’s important to enjoy myself while painting! It shows in the work…I made quite a big mess on my desk while creating this illustration!”