5 March 2021

Mary Woodin does RBG and Steve Sussman justice for the American Bar Association.

Posted in: Editorial, Illustration, Painting

Mary Woodin has painted three images for the American Bar Association, accompanying tributes to two recently deceased and very well respected lawyers; Steve Sussman and Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Working to a specific brief provided by Jill Tedhams, Mary started with a lot of photo research of the two lawyers in order to compose her scenes, “this was quite a challenge for me as more often than not I paint direct from life with my subject sitting on my desk in front of me!” Mary wanted to make sure she captured the now iconic look of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and has done it considerable justice (no pun intended!).

Working in watercolour, each piece was composed in four sections and then assembled on photoshop;

“The project took me out of my comfort zone, but that’s never a bad thing, I really enjoyed the challenge of methodically working out how to achieve a result that successfully answered the brief.”