11 May 2021

Harry Goldhawk's illustrations are bound to inspire a "Cycling Revolution", published by Michael O'Mara!

Posted in: Illustration, Nature, Publishing

We are amazed by the work of Harry Goldhawk in “The Cycling Revolution”; a celebration of cycling and its origins published by Michael O’Mara. The book features 60 lessons about cycling, each one beautifully illustrated by Harry.

Written by Patrick Field. the book covers everything from maintenance to etiquette and technique. Harry’s beautifully atmospheric illustrations often centring the relationship between the bike and the rider as they make their way through great outdoor trails or work late into the evening, maintaining and improving the bike.

Speaking of late evenings, Harry had a few himself this project, working from with his 2-year old and another little on on the way! Reading the book from start to finish, Harry was given creative freedom to interpret the lessons as he saw fit, executing them in differing minimal palettes that give each lesson a distinct feel.

Definitely a must read for all the cycling enthusiasts out there and likely to convert a few people into getting their bike out of the garage; ourselves included!