18 May 2021

Dawn Cooper illustrates plants to encourage pollinators for Candide's Festival of Flowers branding!

Posted in: Branding, Design, Illustration, Nature

Dawn Cooper has illustrated 10 pollinator-friendly plants to include in your gardens this spring and summer as part of Candide’s Festival of Flowers; an online floral takeover celebrating people, pollinators and plants! Dawn also illustrated the branding of the festival itself, a beautiful Dawn Cooper floral fiesta!

“I love drawing plants most of all, so this project has been an absolute joy for me. I hope the images will inspire people to plant some of these flowers and encourage pollinators into their gardens!”

Dawn created the flowers digitally in Procreate, before editing and adding textures on Photoshop, “I really enjoyed collating reference images and preparing the initial sketches for the flowers, arranging the flowers and leaves into nice compositions.”

Dawn’s flowers certainly evoke the vibrant colours of spring, and we’re sure will inspire many people to get out in the garden and get planting!