20 July 2021

Daniel Long illustrates "Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Life" for DK

Posted in: Children's books, Design, Illustration

Daniel Long has illustrated the fourth book in an anthology series for DK; Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Life. A follow up to his other illustrated books; An Anthology or Intriguing Animals, The Wonders of Nature and The Mysteries of the Universe.

Daniel was briefed on each specific creature in the book and was supplied with reference photos and artist impressions of the long extinct species, “there is a certain amount of artistic license I have in terms of colours etc. but when it comes down to it they need to be reasonably scientifically accurate.”

Working with Angela Rizza on the book, Daniel’s main challenge was making sure to get all the little details right through cross-referencing while still making something that would be visually appealing to kids;

“I really enjoy learning about all the different animals, most of which I’d never heard of before.”