13 August 2021

Cover Reveal! Laura Barrett's perfect homage to the fairytale life of cutout artist Lottie Reiniger.

Posted in: Children's books, Design, Illustration

We are happy to reveal the cover for Laura Barrett’s new picture book with Andersen Press; Scissorella. A reworking of the classic fairy tale mixed with biographical elements of paper cut artist and animator Lotte Reiniger.

A natural fit for Laura’s silhouette illustration style which follows in Reiniger’s footsteps, Laura even incorporated paper textures throughout her digital work to pay further homage to the cut-out pioneer,

“I discovered the stunning paper cut animations of the pioneering Lotte Reiniger a while back, and her work and biography have been a huge source of inspiration to me and my illustrations over the years.”

The cover contains all the elements of the classic fairytale, but with a knowing nod to the control over the story that Reiniger has, holding the the original Cinderella and Prince Charming as puppets, ready to be bought to life.

Scissorella is published by Andersen Press, November 4th.