19 August 2021

For all the craft inclined tarot readers out there, Katie Ponder's Yarn Tarot is the perfect deck for you!

Posted in: Design, Illustration, Publishing

Katie Ponder has been busy creating a deck of tarot cards with a twist; crochet, knitting and hand looms are used as symbols throughout the deck! Yarn Tarot is a new tarot deck based on the traditional Rider-Waite deck, fully illustrated by Katie and produced by Sixth & Spring books.

Having always loved tarot cards, this was the perfect project for Katie, who’s flattened, stylised figures lend themselves perfectly to the deck; communicating the important, specific messages behind each card… while also featuring yarn crafts!

“It was difficult to at times to communicate the mystical messages of the cards whilst staying true to keeping the designs realistic and knitting themed. But these issues were carefully worked through with the team at Soho publishing!”

Working closely with Irene and Jacob at Soho Publishing, Katie created most of the artwork while travelling between Berlin and London, “It was wonderful experience to be immersed in a project like this whilst exploring new places at the same time. I felt that living in a different city for a few months inspired me a lot through this project.”

This project is a tick off the dream-list for Katie too, having always wanted to work on a tarot deck, “I loved learning more about the meaning of different cards and getting to illustrate the magical messages. The archetype cards (such as the hermit and the high priestess and the star card) where amongst my favourite cards to design.”

Yarn Tarot is available through Sixth & Spring Books, 21st September.