27 August 2021

Amy Grimes illustrates the social history surrounding Great British Trees for Pavilion books.

Posted in: Illustration, Nature, Publishing

Amy Grimes has been commissioned by Pavilion to create a series of illustrations inspired by famous trees across the U.K., brought together in the beautiful book The Great British Tree Biography. Amy’s contributions also include spot illustrations of leaves and branches, chapter headers and an absolutely stunning cover.

Keeping the tree itself as the focus of each illustration, the images also contain small biographical elements that help to lend an awe-inspiring atmosphere and a sense of magnificence to tree, “it was really fun to try and pick out a key element from the text and include that in some of the illustrations (such as a small ghost floating in the distance or Robin Hood drawing his bow).”

Working to a tight deadline alongside the designer from Pavilion, Alice Kennedy-Owen, Amy created each image digitally on her iPad before adding the lush hand painted textures in photoshop;

“I love drawing anything nature related so it was definitely fun to draw all of the different tree shapes and leaves in this one, it was also interesting to learn about all the history behind the different trees as I went through them all.”

The Great British Tree Biography will be published 2nd September 2021 by Pavilion Books.