15 October 2021

Dawn Cooper illustrates ambition and empathy for Eaton Square School's new identity.

Posted in: Branding, Design, Illustration

Dawn Cooper has created two inspiring illustrations for Eaton Square School’s new brand identity. With one image representing pre-school and primary, and the other secondary and senior school, the illustration’s have the feel of book covers, art directed by Anderson Norton Design.

The project required some fast execution;

“ I wasn’t given much time for the concept stage, so I had to think on my feet a little!  The head image was slightly trickier, so after I’d sent initial sketches I had a few Zoom calls with the client to narrow down the idea until we’d settled on something we thought would work nicely.”

Dawn’s imagery in both images conveys aspiration, freedom and an empathetic environment, “they were really fun concepts to play with, and the client had selected some beautiful soft tones for the colour palette.”