4 February 2022

Lucia Gaggiotti creates beautiful promotional illustrations for Bvlgari’s gifts.

Posted in: Illustration, Packaging

Lucia Gaggiotti was commissioned by one of the most luxurious and ambitious Italian brands of excellences, Bvlgari. The perfume department asked Lucia to illustrate the promotional gift packages for Christmas 2021 that came with their fragrances.

Inspired by Italian winter holidays and the prestigious ski resorts in northern Italy the image still relates the key icons of the brand. Lucia painted a dreamlike and timeless scenario, like an ancient and magnificent postcard entitled “take a fabulous journey into the winter world of Bvlgari”

“I closed my eyes and imagined the most romantic and magical love story ever, where jewels come to life to enrich a white Christmas with love and magic, under a wake of a golden star. The poem continues once the box is open, the perfume bottle and kit sit on a star bed like a precious gift from above”

“I am so grateful to have collaborated with the lovely Creative Marketing Perfume Specialists, who gave a profound value to my work and helped me to turn the craft handmade illustrations into digital highly skilled techniques like gold foils printing and embossing to the perfect colour finish, everything about them just says “quality”.