29 March 2022

Laurindo Feliciano’s collages are brought to life for ARTE TV, celebrating Algerian independence.

Posted in: Animation, Illustration

Laurindo Feliciano has had his collages brought to life for European TV channel ARTE, celebrating 60 years of Algerian independence in the web series “Générations Guerres d’Algérie”. You can view the first 3 episodes now on arte.tv, with the fourth one coming soon.

Director & screen writer: Olivier Lambert @olivlamb

Production: @artefr 

Executive producers: @lumento_films& @goodseedprod

Animation: Felix Pommier @phelixphruitier
VFX: @baptisteblanpain
Music written & performed by @stephane_bissieres & @raphaelsibertinblanc
Published by Rotary RM