31 May 2022

A first look at “Egyptian Myths”, the third Myths book illustrated by Katie Ponder!

Posted in: Illustration, Publishing

Egyptian Myths, the third book in the ancient myths series illustrated by  Katie Ponder will be out in the world in August 2022, published by Dorling Kindersley. Featuring over 100 illustrations by Katie, the book relays all the incredible stories and legends from ancient Egypt, and we are pleased to share a little sneak peek!


Working with the same team from the previous two Myths books, Katie found it delightful to immerse herself in the world of the stories for the eight months the project took. Working with Bettina Myklebust Stovne, the art director and designer, Katie was allowed great amounts of creative freedom to interpret the characters and stories in her unique graphical style.

It is a very satisfying feeling to illustrate a 100 page book cover to cover and through out. It is especially nice to be able to line up all three books of the series and see them together as a happy little book family.

Katie Ponder, Illustrator