22 June 2022

Amy Grimes has captured the cows and meadows in her illustrations for Rare Breed Dairy

Posted in: Branding, Illustration, Nature

Amy Grimes was asked by The Rare Dairy to create a series of illustrations for the launch of their new rare breed cow dairy farm, to be used across their website, social media and packaging. The illustrations included the wildflowers found in the cow fields, the cows themselves and the landscape the farm sits in.

Commissioned by The Curious Agency, for Abbey Farm and The Rare Dairy, the aim was to capture specific cows and their calves among the illustration. The challenge was to make sure they were recognisable!

When the project came in I was invited to come to the farm to visit and draw the cows on site but couldn’t make it work logistically and I regret that I wasn’t able to visit the farm and meet them all!

Amy Grimes, Illustrator

Working digitally for this project, Amy drew each illustration on her iPad and then added in some hand painted textures made specifically for this project to create a painted feel.

I really loved drawing all the wildflowers! I always love drawing anything plant based so it was nice to focus on the colours and shapes for these, so that they could work individually across the branding or also as a full wildflower scene.

Amy Grimes, Illustrator