1 July 2022

Hannah Bailey illustrates Planted, a game of nature and nurture.

Posted in: Design, Illustration, Nature

Who better to ask then Hannah Bailey to illustrate ‘a game of nature and nurture’; PLANTED is a houseplant based board game by well-known game designer, Phil Walker-Harding (designer of Sushi Go amongst others) and produced by Buffalo Games. Hannah has created the artwork for the whole game – the box, the player boards, the cards and even the counters and resource tokens.

I’ve always wanted to illustrate a board game and was pleased to be asked to work on one about houseplants – I love to draw plants. I was able to use some of our own as reference – it’s always easier to draw from life.

Hannah Bailey, Illustrator

The artwork was created over a period of months, with Hannah’s favourite areas to design being the nursery boards, which are based on potting benches; with cuttings, bits of twine and heaps of compost scattered on them. The illustrations for the resource cards (sunshine, water, etc) have also been turned into beautiful little 3D objects to use as counters.

I’m really proud of this project and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy and play!

Hannah Bailey, Illustrator