29 July 2022

Hannah Riordan illustrates ‘Red Sauce, Brown Sauce; A British Breakfast Odyssey’

Posted in: Food, Illustration, Publishing

Hannah Riordan has created the cover illustration and end papers for ‘Red Sauce, Brown Sauce; A British Breakfast Odyssey’, the latest travel memoir from Felicity Cloake published by Mudlark. The cover captures the titular sauces in all their glory and incorporates key landscapes from throughout the book.

My biggest challenge in this project was trying to balance creating bottle designs that look like iconic ketchup and brown sauce bottles, yet are still not direct copies of any particular brands. I would say this was also the part of the project that I enjoyed most though because bottles are strangely enough one of my favourite things to illustrate.

Hannah Riordan, Illustrator

The brief also called for the end papers to present a chronological timeline of Felicity’s journey, depicting food and locations mentioned along the way which Hannah has captured perfectly in her bold hand-drawn icons.