4 August 2022

Happy Publication Day to Rachael Saunders, Daniel Long and Katie ponder!

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Today see the release of not one, not two but three books illustrated by Artworks artists Daniel Long, Katie Ponder and Rachael Saunders. How To Survive Anywhere (Daniel Long), Egyptian Myths (Katie Ponder, previously featured here) and Puppy Club (Rachael Saunders) are all out today from their respective publishers; Nosy Crow, DK Books and Little Tiger.

Daniel Long on illustrating How to Survive Anywhere

I’ve been eagerly waiting for this to be published (I think I sent all the final art this time last year)
because it has been one of my favourite projects to date; it combines several things that I find interesting… the animals are obvious, I’ve always been amazed by the natural world (that probably comes from growing up 1/4 mile from a zoo) but also my interest in the human side… survival, bushcraft, shelter building and those sorts of things.
From a illustration standpoint I really enjoyed it too because each habitat/part of the world starts with a full(ish) page spread. This allowed me to give each a very different colour palette and feel that continued through into the following pages on the same habitat. This also allowed me to play around a lot with different lighting which is something I’ve been trying incorporate more into my work

Daniel Long, Illustrator

Rachael Saunders illustrates Puppy Club for Little Tiger

Katie Ponder illustrates Egyptian Myths for DK