10 August 2022

Mary Woodin illustrates “Witchcraft for the Home”.

Posted in: Publishing

Mary Woodin has worked with publisher Callisto media illustrating Witchcraft For The Home, a guide on how to practice spells, rituals and remedies for achieving a cleansed, protected, balanced and magical home. Illustrating ingredients from remedies and spells in a light, warm and welcoming colour palette, Mary’s images are an inviting glimpse into the practical world of witchcraft that avoids clichés, you won’t see a wand, pointy hat or cauldron in sight!

Sending cover concepts back and forth with art director Michael Cook, who “was always clear, straightforward and importantly very encouraging throughout the project”, which was then built up by choosing ingredients from a supplied list. The idea of creating little still lives of particular ingredients was then carried through into the interior.

The main challenge was to keep the whole look very light and airy, warm and welcoming avoiding any stereotypical dark, witchy imagery like cauldrons, pointy hats and wands!

Mary Woodin, Illustrator