23 September 2022

Nic Jones reflects on her favourite Startworks project!

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Since joining the Artworks through our Startworks program back in 2019, we’ve worked with Nic Jones on some incredible projects across publishing, editorial and branding. Her commitment and professionalism during an incredibly uncertain time has seen her thrive, producing quality illustrative works.

When I began the Startworks program I was juggling 3 young children, a degree course and work. Having friendly and supportive agents was a great crutch while I leant the ropes of illustration (I still feel like I’m learning aspects with each individual job as the requirements vary). I remember emailing Lucy with what I thought were silly questions about invoices and billing, she was great and explained how it all worked.

Nic Jones, Illustrator

The first project Nic worked on will always be a highlight; North Pole, South Pole (published by Quarto) is a wonderful books featuring some Nic’s fantastic painterly animal illustrations;

Not only is it a gorgeous popular book, it’s the book I learnt how the process of being an Illustrator works; who you work with, editors, external editors, designers, sales, marketing, contracts. At the end the best part is seeing the final printed copy of the book, definitely a proud moment.

Nic Jones, Illustrator