24 September 2022

Catching up with 2020 Startworks illustrator Hannah Riordan!

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Our 2020 Startworks mentee Hannah Riordan is now a full fledged member of the Artworks family. Over the last 2 years we have worked with Hannah on developing her style and finding the right projects that have helped best showcase her amazing illustration skills. It’s been fantastic to see Hannah flourish and excel over the last two years and are ecstatic to be able to continue working with her.

Hannah was kind enough to give us a few thoughts of her experience during Startworks;



I have found the startworks programme super beneficial to be a part of because it meant that after finishing uni, I could continue developing my portfolio with industry guidance. It has also given me the opportunity to work on a range of different and exciting jobs that I would have otherwise found difficult to navigate and get access to whilst starting out as an illustrator. Through this experience I have gained a deeper understanding of the sort of briefs that interest me and that my style lends itself to most.

Hannah Riordan, Artworks Illustrator

If you have a project that could do with Hannah’s illustrative help, please check out her full portfolio or get in touch.