18 October 2022

Daniela Terrazzini shares her process for ‘The Boy Who Lost His Spark’ on Walker Picture Books Instagram.

Posted in: Children's books, Collaboration, Illustration

To celebrate the launch of ‘The Boy Who Lost His Spark’, the latest collaboration between Daniela Terrazzini and author Maggie O’Farrell (see our post on their previous work together ‘Where Snow Angels Go’), Daniela has taken over publisher Walker Picture Books instagram for the next few days, sharing her thoughts, process and artworks from the beautiful book.

The Boy Who Lost His Spark by Maggie O’Farrell and illustrated by Daniela Terrazzini is out now.

“When Jem and his family first move to a small town, he struggles with his new life. The unhappier he grows, the stranger things become … mischief and chaos seems to bloom everywhere. His sister Verity is sure it is the work of a “nouka”, an ancient creature that lives deep down inside the hill; a creature forged from the sparks of a long-extinct volcano. Jem is adamant – there is no such thing. But it is through the magic and mayhem of this small mystical creature that Jem finally finds a sense of belonging, a sense of home. He, once more, discovers a spark of magic.

A beautiful and atmospheric long-form picture book set against a dramatic backdrop of an ancient hillside and the mysterious mood-affecting creature that lives within…”