18 November 2022

Katie Thomas illustrates for Financial Times Arts & Culture

Posted in: Editorial, Illustration

Startworks artists Katie Thomas is continuing to make stunning editorial work for a variety of publications, with her latest commission for the Financial Times being a recent highlight.

Katie was asked to create an image for the FT Weekend Arts and Culture section, capturing the interweaving narratives about life, death and even quantum theory present in John Banville’s Booker prize-winning novel ‘The Singularities’.

To tackle the complex story, Katie made a timeline of events throughout the novel, realising that the image of the house was an important visual within the story.

The biggest challenge was during the idea stage as I quickly realised just how complicated Banville’s writing can be and therefore the difficulty of summing the novel up into one image. Despite the initial hurdle, it did become really enjoyable as some of the best parts of an illustration project can be the problem solving.

Katie Thomas, Illustrator

Creating the entire piece using Adobe Illustrator which allowed for quick explorations of colour before deciding on the final palette. The most enjoyable part of the project was adding in the tiny details such as the pencils on the desk, the pattern on the carpet and the wood grain on the furniture.

Details like this are always my favourite part of an illustration because they add a little bit of magic- only to be discovered after viewing the piece for a longer period of time.

Katie Thomas, Illustrator