31 March 2023

Claire Harrup has illustrated a new cover for ‘If This is a Man / The Truce’ for Abacus’s 50th Anniversary.

Posted in: Illustration, Publishing

Claire Harrup has illustrated a new cover for Primo Levi’s profound memoir ‘If This is a Man / The Truce’, for publisher Abacus Books 50th anniversary celebrations. Claire’s cover captures the art director Nico’s vision of a bold and graphic image depicting Auschwitz in the foreground, while playing with sunlight tot capture a sense of prevailing hope.

After we’d decided on a composition I worked by hand printing elements of the image – printmaking lends itself so well to working in a bold and graphic way, so felt just right for this cover.

Claire Harrup, Illustrator

Claire then scanned all the individual elements, assembling and colouring digitally to create a visually striking cover that both stands on its own and works well as part of the series of iconic reads.