5 May 2023

Andrew Davidson creates the Coronation Stamps!

Posted in: Artists, Design, Printmaking, Special projects

Ahead of the Coronation of HM King Charles III this weekend, we are delighted to unveil the incredible set of Coronation stamps by Andrew Davidson! The stamps depict the coronation, the Commonwealth, sustainability, diversity and community. A collaboration with Marcus James of Royal Mail and Ian Chilvers of Atelier Design. Once Andrew had produced the engravings, Ian and Rebecca at Atelier were able to make tweaks digitally to the designs, to help make them work at the reduced size, whilst still retaining the detail. The images link the traditional and digital to create beautifully crafted pieces, with strong compositions and design. Included below are the woodblocks themselves which Andrew used to create the traditional engravings.

“ The challenge was to reduce so many important ideas and abstract concepts onto four 23mm square serrated pieces of paper, and still make them work as a set of stamps, but that’s my job.”

Andrew Davidson

“ If there was one job I aspired to work on, it was this one. It was a huge responsibility, but an honour and a privilege ”

Andrew Davidson