16 May 2023

Andrew Davidson distills tales of the past in animation for The Macallan

Posted in: Animation, Branding, Collaboration, Illustration, Printmaking

You’d never get a project like this in a career. It’s so rare but so beautiful, so wonderful that you’re getting all these amazing people together for one beautiful and special product

Andrew Davidson

Andrew Davidson has been commissioned by The Macallan whisky to illustrate the brand’s history and the landscape where it was forged. The scenes have now been turned into a spellbinding animation, transporting us back in time.



Taking a collaborative approach, Andrew drew inspiration from the shared craftsmanship between himself and The Macallan, looking to the brand’s rugged Scottish home to inform his work.

He utilised his skills in engraving and printmaking, intricately crafting each scene by hand onto wooden blocks.

The Macallan has this history, and I feel very, very responsible when I was asked to work on this project, respecting the past but also looking forward. It’s part of that collaboration of people.



Andrew Davidson