5 December 2023

Lucy Davey Illustrates Waitrose Christmas Range

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Earlier this year, Waitrose commissioned Lucy Davey to illustrate their 2023 Christmas gift collection. With an unique combination of blue and red, the landscapes Lucy has created feel homely with a sprinkle of childhood Christmas magic we’re all looking for. The work has been used across the range, including a 3D illuminating Winter Village Chocolate Box and a musical cookie tin.

We caught up with Lucy to hear how it went!

Give me a brief rundown of the project

I was approached by Waitrose to create artwork for a pop-up ‘Showstopper’ chocolate box as part of their Christmas 2023 range. They already had the basic concept with the three layers and it was up to me to create a festive, snowy scene with lots of fun detail and cut-out elements. The concept was that one side was a daytime scene, full of joyful, festive activities and the reverse was the night time version with cosy, glowing windows and nocturnal animals.

They also wanted a seamless version that combined all the scenes and the day-to-night aspect for a musical biscuit tin and a few other products.

How did it feel to work on a project for such a well-known brand?

I have worked on some of Waitrose’s ranges before and I always love packaging projects. But it was extra special to be commissioned for their Christmas range and I loved the pop-up element of the chocolate box –  I don’t think I’ve had a brief quite like that before.

How did you land on the designs? Were there any constrictions or challenges?

I knew I wanted to bring in lots of nature elements – one of the joys of winter for me is the greenery and wildlife. And the landscapes needed to have interesting silhouettes and twinkly lights. It was definitely one of the more technically challenging things I’ve worked on, especially having the illustration work from both sides. I also enjoyed the challenge of bringing in more detail than I’m used to – my natural inclination is to leave quite a lot of space in my work.

What has been your favourite product to work on?

The pop-up chocolate box, it reminded me of my childhood love of making 3D cardboard models!

Who’s on the invite list to your dream Christmas party?

Just my friends and family please, I don’t need to hang out with anyone famous, that sounds stressful! And since I missed The Artworks 40th birthday bash this November, it would be great to see the agency crew too!