8 December 2023

Target’s 2023 Christmas Collection – Designed by Darling Clementine

Posted in: Branding, Design, Food, Illustration, Jobs, Packaging

Darling Clementine have illustrated retail giant Target’s 2023 Christmas Collection, adding some Nordic flair to this Christmas season. We had a chat to learn more about the project:

How did it feel to work on a project for such a well-known and wide-reaching brand?

We feel so proud and happy to have been chosen to work on such a brand as Target. They really take care with their designs and have an enormous range of products so the variations and opportunities are great! The people working behind the brand are also super friendly and nice, and the brief is always fun.

How did you land on the designs? Were there any constrictions or challenges?

Target was so open to our interpretations and we really felt a freedom of expression, so weren’t afraid to utilise our signature style. So we have fortunately been able to stay true to our aesthetics throughout the project, and have thoroughly enjoyed each process.

What has been your favourite product to work on?

Christmas is so big in the US so we have really enjoyed being whisked away to our favourite season. We have especially loved the product work, in particular the Advent calendars.

You find Darling Clementine’s work in Target stores and online now!