15 March 2024

Katie Ponder’s Art Deco Scenes for Mayfair’s Beaumont Hotel

Posted in: Design, Fashion, Illustration, Special projects

Katie Ponder has been commissioned to create a glamorous series of artworks for the the five-star Beaumont Hotel in Mayfair, London. Drawing inspiration from the elegant art deco interiors of the hotel, Katie kept things colourful and patterned.


“Initially I started the work using a muted palette but the client was keen to something bright and bold. This lead me to the oranges and blues along with a few coffee coloured tones for contrast and I think this worked really well to create a bold statement. The bold colours of the work contrast with the elegant monochrome 1920s décor of the hotel and bring a burst of colour and pattern. The style of the work work is an echo of 1920s style of the Beaumont Hotel – a style I particularly love and often draw inspiration from.”

“I worked on photoshop, layering shapes, patterns and gentle textures to build up the artwork. I really enjoyed playing with the colours and textures and trying to create a slightly kaleidoscope effect framing the main feature of the artwork.