We know our stuff

The Artworks has the facilities and experience to bring any project to life through animation. You want it to move? We'll make it happen! 

Many of our illustrators have the skills to bring their images to life through animation. We also have an in-house animator who can enliven and animate any illustrative style you may have in mind for your project.

Whether you need some eye-catching movement to stop people scrolling past, colourful characters for a campaign or a sophisticated animated style, The Artworks is here to help.

Our clients have included, in no particular order…

Bulb, Regent Street & St James, BBC, Modelo, Polaroid, Grando Pharmacias, EGO-TE.

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Animation project spotlight

Rachael Saunders characters are brought to life for the “Safe Haven” animation.

Rachael Saunders was commissioned by the team at Echo Tango to help design a short animation commissioned by the Department of Children & Family Services in Louisiana, USA.

The animation features Rachael’s signature character designs, bringing a warm empathetic feel to a very sensitive subject.

Animation project spotlight

Lizzie King illustrates footballer Raheem Sterling picking lucky boots for Gillette.

Lizzie King was commissioned by Gillette and Agile Films to illustrate the hand of England footballer Raheem Sterling, choosing his lucky football boots.

The drawings were then made into an animation as part of Gillette’s feature on pre-game rituals with magazine, Hypebeast.


“I loved seeing my drawings turned into an animation!  It’s pretty magical to me to see my drawings move.”

Lizzie King, Illustrator

Animation project spotlight

Heather Gatley goes “Behind Closed Doors” for Regent Street & St. James animated campaign.

Heather Gatley has created a series of animated illustrations for an instagram campaign highlighting the people and places on Regent Street/ St James’ London during lockdown.
The series Behind Our Doors, showcases a different business in the historic London shopping area with each instagram post.

Commissioned by the Communications Store, Heather worked with The Artworks in-house animator Jack Snelling to create movement that worked with Heather’s physical methods of creating her illustrations.


“This project required me to think differently about my illustration style and what type of movement would compliment it best, as well as getting my head around all the mechanics involved to make it happen!”

Heather Gatley, Illustrator

If you want to add some animated flair to a project, we’ve got you covered.