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Design is one of the strong foundations of the agency with many artists working exclusively in this area. We have many projects to be proud of.

As with our advertising clients we realise the importance of studio visits.

Many briefs from clients give us the chance to suggest our own take on suitable styles, and artists and so create the opportunity to expand the repertoire of individual folios.

Clients have included, in no particular order…

JKR, Here Design, Ziggurat, Pearlfisher, P&W, Smith & Milton, Dawson Bailey, Crabtree & Evelyn, NB Studio, True North, Royal Mail, Marks and Spencer, Waitrose, Stromme Throndsen, Design Bridge, Turner Duckworth, Carter Wong, Sibling & Co, R Design, Brand Opus, Bloom, Smith Dawson, Pentagram, Made Thought, Midday, This Way Up, Brand Me

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Design project spotlight

Lucy Davey Illustrates Waitrose Christmas Range

Waitrose commissioned Lucy Davey to illustrate their 2023 Christmas gift collection. With an unique combination of blue and red, the landscapes Lucy has created feel homely with a sprinkle of childhood Christmas magic we’re all looking for. The work has been used across the range, including a 3D illuminating Winter Village Chocolate Box and a musical cookie tin.

Design project spotlight

Andrew Davidson collaborates with the The Macallan.

Andrew Davidson has created a series of illustrations in an incredible collaboration with The Macallan; the prestigious whiskey distillery.

The project saw Andrew producing beautiful woodcut illustrations that tell the story of Captain John Grant, and the transformation of the wild landscape of his estate into the “garden of the Elchies”.

Design project spotlight

Lucia Gaggiotti creates beautiful promotional illustrations for Bvlgari’s gifts.

Lucia Gaggiotti was commissioned by Italian brands of excellences, “Bvlgari”. The perfume department asked Lucia to illustrate the promotional gift packages for Christmas 2021 that came with their fragrances.

Inspired by Italian winter holidays and the prestigious ski resorts in northern Italy the image still relates the key icons of the brand. Lucia painted a dreamlike and timeless scenario, like an ancient and magnificent postcard entitled “take a fabulous journey into the winter world of Bvlgari”

“I am so grateful to have collaborated with the lovely Creative Marketing Perfume Specialists, who gave a profound value to my work and helped me to turn the craft handmade illustrations into digital highly skilled techniques like gold foils printing and embossing to the perfect colour finish, everything about them just says “quality”.

Lucia Gaggiotti, Illustrator

Design project spotlight

Darling Clementine illustrate an illuminated take on the Nutcracker for M & S.

Darling Clementine illustrated an amazing range of M & S’s Christmas snow globe Gin & Rum Liqueur’s, with each bottle containing a small light that beautifully illuminates Darling Clementine’s illustrations as gold and silver flakes swirl in the behind them.

The images across the three bottles tell the story of The Nutcracker, in three different palettes that reflect the ingredients of each liqueur. Ranging from beautiful palaces, swashbuckling rats and hidden ballerina’s, the illustrations are perfect examples of Darling Clementine’s crisp decorative design sensibilities.

Design project spotlight

Chris Wormell recreates the English Rugby Union Rose for the 150th anniversary kit.

Chris Wormell was commissioned to create a unique version of the English Rugby Union rose logo for the 150th anniversary kit, based on the original 1871 rose.

Commissioned by Thisaway Design, Chris worked with designers Remy Auger and Graeme Cook to come up with an image that directly referenced the original embroidered rose found on the 1871 team’s caps.

Design project spotlight

Chris illustrates for Royal Mail.

Chris Wormell has worked with Royal Mail many times over the years and the most recent Post and Go series is by far his biggest stamp project. From heraldic beasts, freshwater lakes and river life, ladybirds to hibernating animals and beyond.
Typically Chris, the detail and accuracy is flawless but there is something about these creatures that is special and they each tell their own story.
Looking like they could leap of the page and fly away, these are collectables for all.

“Over the years, many of our stamp projects have featured the excellent work of illustrators who are represented by The Artworks.
“With each of these projects, we have found the process of working with The Artworks team and their associated illustrators to be creative, collaborative and professional. We look forward to each new project with them…”

Catherine Brandy, Design Manager, Royal Mail

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