22 July 2019

A Summery Celebration of Nature for The Fabian Review

Posted in: Artists, Editorial, Illustration, Jobs

Lucy Davey created this vivacious illustration for the Fabian Review. Vanesha Singh – who works for the Fabian Review magazine – commissioned Lucy to create a cover that encapsulated the various aspects of the Green New Deal. The client wanted an illustration portraying a green and healthy transformed city, with environmentally focused workers and families happily exploring nature.

Lucy said that the brief was her ”dream subject matter”– as she loves to work with images that combine people and wildlife, especially on a project thatcelebrates a move towards clean energy. To initially approach the brief, she sent black and white pencil roughs to the client, before creating the final artwork on an iPad, and adding textures in Photoshop.

Lucy wanted to create “a bright summery image that celebrated nature and – of course – included lots of green”– which is exactly what she did! Her exceptional sense of depth and clever colour palette allowed her to include small, intricate details – like her buzzing bees and dainty butterflies – whilst retaining a bold, graphic simplicity to her illustration.