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27th September 2019

Lucy Davey Brings the ‘Shopaholic’ Series to Life

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Lucy Davey Brings the ‘Shopaholic’ Series to Life

Lucy Davey has illustrated a plethora of dainty drawings for Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series. Richard Ogle at Penguin, briefed Lucy to illustrate bright and playful spot-illustrations that reflect the theme of each book. When completing the project, it was important for Lucy to keep the Becky Bloomwood character recognisable and to maintain a consistent series-style.

Lucy particularly liked working on the Shopaholic and Baby cover, and said that, “creating a stylised Stork that fitted with the series style – that also wasn’t too twee or cartoonish – was a fun challenge”.

Christmas Shopaholic is the most recent cover that Lucy worked on, and it is available to buy from the 17th of October.

Lucy Davey Brings the ‘Shopaholic’ Series to Life
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