7 January 2020

Dàlia Adillon’s enchanting school mural to encourage reading and diversity

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Dàlia Adillon was recently commissioned by Mossen Cinto Verdaguer School in Barcelona to paint a playful and colourful mural that captured the themes of childhood, reading and diversity.

Dàlia started the project as she does normally, working on a colourful pencil drawing. “The first thing I did was to work on a colour sketch, in which a black girl appears reading a book (which turns into a heart) in the middle of nature. In the illustration there is the quotation ‘Nourishing my soul, reading a book’.”

Once the school approved the sketch, Dàlia prepared the necessary materials for the mural. “I worked on it for 3 days, painting live on the playground. It was the funniest part but also the most difficult. It’s complicated to transfer an illustration into a 4m x 3m mural, and working vertically outdoors. But having the curious children around making comments, questions and congratulating me was very rewarding!”